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Senior Preventive CareGalena Veterinary Clinic Senior Pet

Dogs and cats are considered "seniors" by the age of 7 or 8 and require some special considerations.  Don't worry - there are many more fun and healthy years ahead!  Our veterinary team is dedicated to ensuring your pet receives the very best care and any health changes are noticed early and treated appropriately, that's why we call it preventive care!

Biannual Senior Preventive Care Exam (Every 6 months)

Did you know that because pet's age age a faster rate than humans, every year of your pet's life is actually like 6-7 human years!  How many humans in their 70's and 80's wait 7 years to go to the doctor? That's why the most important part of keeping your four-legged friend happy and healthy in their golden years is a Biannual Preventive Care Exam. This exam helps keep you (the pet parent) informed on the health of your pet and your veterinarian and our veterinary team can ensure your pet is kept in the best health possible.  During this exam a complete nose-to-tail physical exam will be performed and your veterinarian will discuss the exam with you in detail.  You will also have ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have - our veterinary team is here to help you!

Galena Square Veterinary Clinic CatSenior Care Package

In addition to the Adult Preventive Care plan, our seniors will receive a complimentary Celebrating Seniors gift with great information, answers to many aging questions and free samples!  Some of the valuable information our veterinary team will discuss with you includes: signs, symptoms, and treatment of arthritis, nutritional differences in seniors, how to keep your senior active and healthy, and what changes you can expect as your pet ages.

Diagnostic Screening

Catching health changes early is one of the best ways to keep your senior pet at their best for years to come.  Galena Square Veterinary Clinic has teamed up with IDEXX veterinary laboratories to offer our senior patients complete senior health screening at an astonishingly low price (less than half the regular cost!)  Our senior screening is typically performed once a year for each patient and includes: Blood Chemistry (kidney, liver, pancreas, electrolyte and diabetic screen), Complete Blood Count (white blood cell and red blood cell abnormalities), thyroid screening, a urinalysis (urinary stones, infections, diabetes, and kidney function), and an intestinal parasite screen.

Additional screening that we perform for our patients include: monitoring for eye changes such as glaucoma, a prostate exam for our male patients, blood pressure monitoring, and of course for our canine clients a heartworm and tick disease panel.


Cats and dogs require booster vaccinations throughout their lives and your veterinarian will be able to assess the risk level for your pet and which vaccines are necessary.  You can read more about the different vaccines in detail by following the links below:

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