Exotic and Pocket Pet Medicine

even small we see them all

 Galena Square Veterinary Clinic is one of the few veterinary practices in the greater Galena and Tri-state area willing (and excited!) to see exotic and pocket pets. Rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, lizards, snakes...you name it!  Dr. Naomi Sprank is ready and willing to see your special pets.  Often these pets require specialized care, housing, and feeding.  If your pet is exhibiting signs of sickness, or simply just not acting himself please call and make an appointment!  Our doctors network with regional and national specialists and can refer you to a specialist if need be!  

Please note: we are not equipped with the specialized dremel tool needed for safe and comfortable beak and claw trims on birds but can refer you to practices who are (in the Madison and Dubuque areas