A veterinarian is ALWAYS on call for our patients!

During regular business hours:

 If your pet has an emergency medical problem during regular hours please call us immediately, and we will be prepared to care for your pet upon arrival. 


 If your pet has an emergency medical problem after regular clinic hours, please call the clinic phone number 815-777-2592There is always a veterinarian on call for our patients, and an answering machine will give you the veterinarian's phone number. There are no 24 hour fully staffed emergency clinics in the tri-state area, and, therefore, Galena Square Veterinary Clinic does share some of our after hours emergency call with other local veterinary clinics.  Remember, if your pet needs help in the Galena, Galena Territories, Scales Mound, or Greater Galena Area - Galena Square is there for you! 

Call (815)-777-2592