Galena Veterinary Pet Grooming



Our goal is to groom your pet to look beautiful while providing a stress-free environment. Call today to set up a grooming appointment (815) 777-2592


Full Service Grooming

All of our grooming appointments include: 

  • Deep Cleaning Bath
  • Brush-out
  • Cut
  • Toe-nail Trim
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Cologne


To provide that best grooming service possible, we are a veterinary supervised facility!

  •  Safety first, always!
  • We ensure that all vaccinations are up to date for each pet
  • All pets are screened for fleas and contagious disease upon arrival
  • We follow strict sanitary & disinfection protocols
  • Our full veterinary team is upstairs ready to address any health concerns, like “hot spots“, during any point of the groom
  • For owners and pets with skin and scent sensitivities we offer hypoallergenic shampoo at no extra cost
  • Diabetic pets, epileptics, older pets, and pets with cardiac disease are all safer when groomed in a veterinary clinic setting