Galena Square Veterinary Clinic

Rabies Policy

Galena Square Veterinary Clinic takes the safety of the general public and that of our staff very seriously. Rabies is a fatal disease is spread to humans and their pets through the bite of an infected animal.  In the Illinois and Greater Midwestern areas the most commonly infected animal is the bat which is often found indoors (and therefore around indoor dogs and cats) and transmits the disease to pets.

Illinois state law requires all dogs to maintain a current rabies vaccination and many county and city ordinances require cats to also maintain a current rabies vaccination.

In order for our staff to safely handle your pet (dog or cat), Galena Square Veterinary Clinic requires they be current on their rabies vaccination.  If your pet is not up-to-date on their vaccine, they will receive one from our veterinarians at the time of your appointment.